Thursday, December 11, 2014

Putin Threatens World War 3! Says Russia Could Invade Europe Within Two ...

In My view Mr.Putin will challenge this world and the result could be 3rd World War. This is going to  create damages in european countries But GULF or Arabian Countries are going to be vanished . This could be the Target for 3rd World War Intending Country has No Doubt. 

Why Because in Arbian countries Using ISIS which is not a Terrorist Group as per the Arab League countries and it is safeguarding Islamic Sons of Soil rights. so that in the Name of revolutions and Major unrest's generated and the out come was Huge Number of Human Life Loss and complete Evacuation of People from other countries. 

All countries  in the world, this Includes America and its President Mr.Barack Obama ,think and say that ISIS is a Terrorists group. No, it is well supported by all Islamic countries to establish and strengthen the sons of the soil rights is the Truth. These countries wants to offer all facilities First to sons of the soil than they think about the rest is my View from the observations happened till date.!

3rd World War is Going to come ,so the out come is Oil price reduced drastically is also a Truth is my View.

In India Now Mr.Putin made his Honorable Visit and had dialogues and agreements for the future tie up's. 

Is their any specific reason for Mr. putin Urgent Visit before the schedule of Mr.Barack Obama Visit to India on 26th January 2015!?. 

what next United States President Mr.Barack Obama is going to chair as Chief Guest to Honour Republic Day of India. But I think the security Measures to Mr.Barack Obama must be made very neatly and secured. His Security must be a major concern and he msut return to America with out any problem may broke out from Pakistan or any other bad forces. Strict alert is a must is my View!.


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