Sunday, August 16, 2015

PM Narendra Modi's Independence Day Speech | August 15, 2015

My Dear Mr.Narendra Modi ,stopping the merger of Voter I D with Aadhar Card Details is not right is my recommendation at this Digital India Movement starts.
Off course I strongly Recommend to and PMO to Issue a Digital Card to all Citizen's on merging Voter I D and Aadhar Card as "Citizen Ship Card" would a Right Choice and Move by
Please Note:-
I also believe that your Personal Secretaries or P.A's in PMO to assist you are very brave but they need to arrange their ideas in Planning what is to be first and what is second?
why I mention here? Your Move to Foreign Countries or Up countries Gained /earned /Brought in huge Foreign Money in all Banks. In Fact the Banks are still find Trouble in maintaining those incoming fund is also true. If you talk to Bank Officials you will get this information's about maintaining the fund received from Foreign Nations. 
Now to provide Land for the People who were showing interest to develop" Make in India" Program a Grand Success. Here You and your team did mistake. Before we serve food we must put a Leaf or Plate .similar to this by BJP must have passed Land Acquisition Bill  as a First Bill in both Houses of Parliament than the foreign tours towards  bringing Industrialist's and People who show interest in come "Make in India". for any good start Congress or Politician's in India Never supported was the History. 
Now Parliament session was wasted in Both Houses due to Savage Movement's by Politician's. 
Also Mr.Modi Government to Note that Except Mrs.Sumithra Mahajan other Speakers who belongs to congress and other Political Parties this includes the chair person of Rajya Sabha  Operational workings look like that they were showing interest to deviate the Session with brave styles and not to give Hope to to work people welfare successfully is my strong View.
Here after by Mr.Modi must start working on this aspects is a must is my belief and strong recommendation. My best wishes for a successful Digital India. This only can vanish all Mistakes in the Society,Economy,and Administration and Judiciary and Execution.

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