Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Broad casting Companies ,Television Network channels and Mobile Service Operating companies were collapsing the Air in Nature (This includes Density and composition of Air in Natural is Disturbed and paved way for some wrong composition of Air against Nature is in Prevailing,and this is also a Major Reason for Climate Change in the World. United Nation need to react on this accordingly and immediately).

People in india must join hands to protest against Tatasky,Airtel,Sun direct,Videocan  etc Television Channel Providers is a need of this time!

People in India to raise voice Against  Network operator's for Television Channels! this include Cable TV network!


But Television Channels via Dish through Satellite  providing companies collect Money (Rs.99)to watch these Doordarshan Free Channels FROM we people in India !?. 

yes all companies collecting a sum of Rupees 99 for relaying television channels. on these mandatory  payment all the Television channel broadcasting companies like Tatasky,Airtel ,Sun direct,Videocan,etc are all relaying Doordarshan channels which are known as Free Channels.

Only on making 99RUPEES Payment people in India can watch Doordarshan channels  are DD News and DD National only and not all the Doordarshan 54 channels. 
why I represent this here because Government of India keeps on introducing or adding Channels like Kissan to improve the social life of Kissans/Farmer's  and others. And all these channels are completely FREE OF COST FROM GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. 

Consumer forums ,Consumer court ,Supreme court of India ,Judiciary in India may please intervene on this issue as a Social interest and can provide Justice to Indians. This is a Must. 

Government of India ,Doordarshan of India,Ministry of Broad casting were well aware about these subject.

Actually Air is one among the Five Elements in nature.(Pancha Pooda) All the Television net work providers ,All Private Television channels companies ,All Mobile Network Operating Companies were using the Air at Free of Cost and making / minting Billions and Billions of Money. They were Not paying any payments for this usage of Air to Government

All the Broad casting Companies ,Television Network channels and Mobile Service Operating companies were collapsing the Air in Nature (This includes Density and composition of Air in Natural is Disturbed and paved way for some wrong composition  of Air against Nature  is in Prevailing,and this is also a Major Reason for Climate Change in the World. United Nation need to react on this accordingly and immediately).

People in India must join hands to demand to Government of India to provide Antenna Facility once again to watch Free channels which is not available in any market,
Government of India ,Prime Minister of India Mr.Modi,President of India ,Minister for information and broadcasting , Minister for Law ,Consumer courts ,Judiciary and Door Darshan of India are all to sit together to arrive a solution with Television channels relaying via satellite through Dish ,Cable TV operating Network  is need of this Time. The time has come for this. 

My Solution to this Problem:

Government of India and Parliament to Dictate or command or order by a Law saying all Television Networks in the country must  Relay Free Channels provided Dish Connection or Cable TV connection is availed in a Home.
categorise Free channels and Paid CHANNELS. MUST BE PUBLISHED IN PUBLIC and order to relay   to all Home as an information to know in a channel
Only for Paid channels Deactivation and activation process can be used by the network.

Government of India say Doordarshan 54 channels are connecting INDIA,Indians the WORLD .but only getting the relay at all Home it will become True.

Private channels are relaying or Broadcasting many News in wrong time ,or very late and at their own interest and choice and not the News as it should be is the Truth. Government Measures and programm's were not allowed to reach people Knowledge properly or Blocked. Regional Politician's who own their own Television channel's and using those for confusion ,For Diversion and Disconnecting people from the Government Link is the Truth can not be Denied any Politician in India
To establish their own political party and to increase their wealth and assets  Politician's in india own Television channels is a well known fact to people and Union Government of India and Judiciary of India. 
But Union Government of India allow /permit all these because party ruling in Central Government make use of These channels and its wrong broad castings as a way and means of Escapism from the Ruling Government Commitment's is also a Truth.

Union Government of India must come forward to sort out this issue to help people in India 
  we Indians to join hands to demand Television and Broad casting Minister to step down if not reacted accordingly to support people Living. 

In India politician's and Political Parties allocate Huge Money or fund in Budget to reduce or eradicate Poor and Poverty from society

Also Government  buy Huge Number of Television Sets,Fan Mixie,Grinder, and others saying these are all to Bring a change in Social Life of People in poor.

 If it is True, than please think on the following:-
 poor families in India are not in a position to afford Huge payments for  Electricity usage and every Month by every House/Family to pay a Minimum of Rupees 100 or above to Cable TV Operator or Dish Net work Provider's. 
Just Provided a Television at Free of cost to all Families in India  (Purchased/Expense  from the revenue from Taxation from People) but generated or created a Fixed Expense or a must expense to all Family But Huge Revenue in Turn over to all Cable TV Operators and  Television network Providers via Dish Connectivity a well Known Message to all Parliamentarian's in India ,Judiciary,Executive and Union Government of India. My View and feeling is How these type of Social Welfare Measures as free bees will Help a Nation Growth along with growth in People Social Status. Certainly Not, I strongly believe that the free bees were  an exploitation . For collecting these Free Bees People were made to run here and their like Refugees are also a Truth is well known Fact to all people ,this includes people in press and Media in india. We Indians must wish to put to an end all these Bad acts of any Political Party. we must select and Elect Politicians Casting our vote to a Qualified people Only. 
Now we have mixed in Politics that is educated and illiterates.  Blaming illiterate Politician who is not interested in people service (he/she is entering in politics to make Politics as a short tenure Money Minting way) few Educated are also mis using their office and powers. similarly Using Educated Executives Politician's in illiterates status finding ways and means to mint money and assets is the present Trend in politics of India. This must come to an end

so People in India or Indians Must select or elect as M.L.C,M.L.A.,and M.P's with Very Good Educational Back Ground. Let us watch and witness how a Government with Politician's with Very Good Educational Back Ground works with Executive,Judiciary and Parliament is a need of this Time. 
In India in Parliament we Indians Heard Comment as Rowdies Act of M.P.'s in parliament by a Ex Speaker Mr.Somnath Chaterjeee in Lok Sabha ,and this comment is rewinding in our Ears . We Indians  and the World watched /witnessed That situation in Lok Sabha was a Black Remark in the History of democracy in India can not be denied.

in India Reformation in Politicians is a need of this Time,and the Time has come . Election is the only way to bring this change in India to call us a proud Indians


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