Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Right Meaning in my Recommendation for Divide and Rule application in Democracy in the world.Try this you will be more Happy.with love j.k.sundararajan

Right Meaning in my Recommendation for Divide and Rule  application in Democracy in the world.Try this you will be more Happy.with love j.k.sundararajan

my suggestion to

People in India or Indians Must select or elect as M.L.C,M.L.A.,and M.P's with Very Good Educational Back Ground. Let us watch and witness how a Government with Politician's with Very Good Educational Back Ground works with Executive,Judiciary and Parliament is a need of this Time.

M.L.C. category has to be vanished from Politics for ever in India is a must and need of the time.

Union Government through Bye Law from Parliament and Election Commission and Supreme court to declare that Each M.L.A. and M.P. must have traveled to their constituency from which He/she got elected for a minimum of 20 Times in a term of 5 years. And in That 20 times actions for welfare measures must have been committed and activated and completed on every Year in that 5 year term has to be made mandatory. From this more than 75% of the Constituency development fund has to be utilized  by each M.L.A. or M.P. of His/Her term in Office. 
I Hope Judiciary Parliament and Executive will agree on these below mentioned  ideas. Politician and Political party can prevail only if they adhere these type of workings is my strong recommendation.

My Suggestion to People in Tamil Nadu for the Next Assembly Election in May 2016:

 Apply Divide and Rule Policy  .

Farmers Association has to meet Political parties and try to get M.L.A seat for at least for 3 or 4 . work for the success and try to solve your issues by yourselves after becoming M.L.A. and Minister of your Department.

Traders Association has to try to avail 2 or 3 for your development purpose. Do Not elect others and allow one among you to contest for M.L.A and to work for your well being and to sort out your Needs in the Next % Year term THIS IS A MUST. 

Merchants need to select their own representatives and to try with political parties who may prefer to offer get it and work for the success and take responsibility as M.L.A.and a Minister and solve all your problems  your own focus establish the development of Merchandising. This includes right from Vegetable merchant trade to Gold Jewel sales.

Government servants ,N.G.O and other Trade Unions has to come forward to select their own representatives and to make He/She to be allowed to contest in M.L.A. election for which ,to approach political parties which ever allow to avail seat about 5 to 8 seats to be accepted and try to obtain success and solve your all issues by participating in Government and Governance. 

Industries small,medium large scale (sidco/tidco/,)  Industry owners Association must come forward to select few Persons from their Owners List Producers association ,try to take ride on Election and try to avail 10 to 20 seats from Political parties and work for the success and You can promote the Nation with huge employments and along with solutions to your Taxation and other problems by yourselves is a must.This include automobile Industry also.

 People Above than many more are still in my mind.

Let us grow with people of all Nation's.

Thanks and let us join together. 


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