Sunday, May 1, 2016

TamilNadu Elections 2016 Result! my view

TamilNadu Elections 2016 Result! my view .

Many Great MOST POPULAR LEADERS Leaders will face MASSIVE Defeat in this up coming Election on 16th May 2016.

Defeat to Leaders with Minor difference :-

1.A.I.A.D.M.K. Leader at R.K.Nagar is a 90% Possibility.

2.D.M.K. Leader will face defeat at Thiruvarur  . 

3.B J P Leader at Virugamnakkam will face defeat.

4.M.D.M.K. Leader will face Defeat.

These are all major set Back to Political parties in the upcoming Tamil Nadu state Assembly election 2016.


                                                       in    234 seats


A.I.A.D.M.K  will get  win in ---( 7 to)21 seats

  D.M.K.           will get  win in ---          30 seats. 

congress    I N C will get win in --           0 seat.

T.M.C                 will get win in --            2 seats.

D M D K          will get win in  ---         42 seats.

M D M K          will get win in ----          4 seats.

communist marxist will get win in---      11seats.

Communist party will get win in  ---        6 seats. will get win               in  ----    14 seats.

P.M.K.    Will get win               in ----     34 seats.

Naan Tamizar  get win             in  ----       2 seats.

B.J.P  will get win in                   ------     68 seats.

all Other parties will get win in ---            0 seat.


 Total  win out of 234 seats ------------- 234 seats.

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