Thursday, January 19, 2017

Supreme court of India to release a Government Order saying/requesting/commanding/ Bull Owners to take Insurance Policy to Save Third Party Similar to Third Party Insurance for Automobiles

On Jallikattu, PM Narendra Modi Tells Tamil Nadu, 'It's In Court, We Support You' - 

My Humble Views and Solution may be agreed and accepted by by Mr.Modi and Tamil Nadu Government!.

This is  Game normally played by People in Tamil Nadu in Few Places as a Tradition and a part of culture. 

This Jallikattu Normally  will not affect any one or the Bull which participates in that Game.

My Solutions:-


This is a Game normally happens for few hours in a day in a year. Contest arranging areas and people /forum has to announce that day 30 days in advance to Government may be a clause.

only in its own way after many years with the changes changing  people it may come to a stop.



Thanks. j.k.sundararajan.

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