Saturday, March 11, 2017

One election to Parliament and to all States and Union Territories

My Dear Prime Minister Mr.Modi ,

You are from Gujarat where our Mahatma Gandhi born and brought up, also popularly known as Father of our Nation

But at the same time we must have Liquor selling by Government in a state this is like a Husband allowing his wife to prostitution. Yes, I mean Tasmac. This must be banned ,this generates many widows and Orphans on every day is a well known fact to Please Think on this is my Humble appeal.

Now your turn with great vision on all spheres to enhance the values of Our Country India.

Now you disclosed One election to Parliament and to all States and Union Territories. This is correct and will save Huge Money on election works which happens through out the Term of a Governance.

Many elections repeatedly scores different results and creating Disturbance on work performance of a Government. 

Government can bring any scheme because of a saying ,sir,their is a election in a state. Like this hurdles which ban or stop the development of our country. . 

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