Wednesday, April 26, 2017

P.M Modi's Speech about Sri Ramanujacharya at Redfort on 70th Independen...

my dear P M Mr.Modiji on May 1st 2017 Ramanuja Sahasrabdi - 1000th Year Birth Day celebrations. may please make a surprise visit to this temple.  Sir, SRI RAMANUJACHARYA KOVIL - SRIRANGAM TEMPLE - SRI RAMANUJAR'S THIRUMENI PRESERVED,yes Sri Ramanujar Human Body is still available for watch. His body is maintained using Oils Kappu . It is about 1000 years on 1st May 2017 . Sri Ramanujar become vaishnava saint at Madurandagam ,that is my home place. Here at this Madurandagam temple Silver Koal stick by which Samasrayanam being done to him ,this you can see at Udayavar ramanujar Sannidhan. Regards. I am proud to be an Indian because I born in the soil where Ramanujar birth took place. Iam also Koundinya Gothram in which Lord Ramanujar born. Above all How few christian saints kept preserved at Goa and other Places in India and abroad ,our Lord Ramanujar is also preserved about1000 years is our greatness. this oil treatment   to a Human Body is still a wonder to the world and a secret not revealed to any one. Thanks my dear prime Minister for reading this . Iam not connected to the Temple to Invite you properly. Iam a Iyyengar by birth so I wish to send this personal invitation and information to you sir. It up to you to join in the Birth day celebration and get blessed. A surprise visit can be done by your Grace. thanks.j.k.sundararajan. 9444513564,9444623433.,  , regards.

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