Wednesday, May 24, 2017

If fans don't stop now, I won't involve them : Rajinikanth Speech | Supe...

Mr.seeman could not become even a M.L.C. ,in that situation he comment's on Rajnikanth is not right. people rejected the present politician's in Tamil nadu. people in Tamil Nadu looking for a new leader to lead the state. even in the forth coming local body election or next state assembly election all the existing political parties except D.M.K. can not get even 6% Votes. so Rajnikanth entry is good. he will not exploit like others ruled could be the reality. that is enough to people as first result on the entry is my view. In Thanthi Tv anchor /neriyalar Ms.Ashoka Varshini got fired by Mr.Seeman. in my Anchors in media and press not to call politicians of such type to any debate or program. anchors must say to participant's about the time limit for answering a question. not to make viewer's as fools in watching a program.

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