Thursday, August 17, 2017

Actor Kamal Hassan BLAST speech at Murasoli Pavala Vizha Function 10/08/...

Rajnikanth reveals God is Ultimate! yes Now Mr.Rajnikanth going to land in Politics that will also God'e Verdict!!!Yes as per me. 

Mr.Rajnikanth and Mr.Kamal hassan will start a new political party which is inevitable to Tamil Nadu state. How ever that party will not have link with B J P and Congress is my Prediction. 

Present date AD M K 2 factions merg is on try by B J P Leader Mr.Modi also. why this is important? this required not because of Mr.T.T.V.Dinakaran opposition or removal of Him from Deputy General secretary position of A D M K. all these actions by B J P and AI A D M K 3 faction on date try to merge to get "TWO LEAVES LOGO" only. All Politician's think firmly that with out this LOGO they will loose even Deposit Like J.Jayalalithaa, and this is a imagination and with this  in the mind's of Politician's in A D M K  they and B J P were try fool people of Tamil Nadu. No, this is 100% not possible. even if A D M K 3 Faction's merge and get "TWO LEAVES LOGO" this party Politician's on date in Power will get Same Deposit Loss Result in the Up coming Elections in Tamil Nadu ,and it can not be avoidable. 

Also Mr.Rajnikanth and Kamal hassan will generate Huge Faith on them and their Political party that will Emerge as the Biggest  winner ,and it could be about 189 seats out of 234 in Tamil Nadu state Assembly seats. Secondly if Congress Contest in all 234 than that will get about 36 seats or more is also a possibility. All other Political parties will not get any Number in the Next Up Coming election's this includes Panchayat Board election's. Off course People in tamil Nadu feel and talk this M L C were pave ways and means to corruption in any party and this M L C category in Tamil Nadu Politics has to be Banned like Mr.M.G.R. Did!!!. this will bring a great and huge change in Bribe and corruption which disturb's common people on day to day life affairs.

To Bring this change Mr.Rajnikanth and Mr.Kamal Hassan were in joined going to start a political party for Social Justice is my strong Opinion and Recommendation. Regards. This is the Miracle to happen to save People of Tamil Nadu.   

why because after awarded "two Leaves LOGO " All three faction will get united and the present General secretary will be Chief Minister Candidate and that could be a announcement by Mr.Subramaniyam swamy and Mr.Narendra Modi is a Possibility. 

For kind information: 

Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy also popularly known as Periyar wish to spend his last few Hours of life at the Lotus feet of His Holiness Shri Kanchi Paramachariyar Shri Cjandrasekara swamigal,

Mr.Periyar had painful feeling till last date and time of his life was Late C.M.Mr.Annadurai did not joined HANDS WITH HIM TILL HIS DEATH and Mr.periyar cried at death of Late Mr.Anna durai .said He failed to understand properly Mr.Annadurai and his truthful and Loyal Policies . vow!!!

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