Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"CONGRESS RETURN"S" - AIADMK factions led by Panneerselvam and Palaniswami merged - Mr.M.K.Stalin not to bring No confidence Motion now!!!!!! -

AIADMK factions led by Panneerselvam and Palaniswami merged yesterday sealed a much-awaited merger of party factions!!!!!!.

Like Air courier  Our Tamil Nadu state Governor rushed yesterday to Our Chennai Raj Bhawan and paid attention to the oath of office procedures to the changes in the Ministry.

Same time I strongly believe that B J P intervention on this merger or joining hands on alliance are will not fetch any results in the up coming Elections in Tamil Nadu is my view. 

Also Mr.M.K.Stalin D.M.K. at this juncture not bring No Confidence Motion in the assembly . why because even this 20 or 19 M.L.A.'s of Dinakaran faction will vote in favour of  the Present Assembly. so Numbers Tally will not be in unfavourable to Mr.Eadapadi Palaniswamy Government.

Removal of Politician's Name's committed at merger will not take place in practical is the truth.  This merger is to make Election commission to become Fool and to revert or allow /reissue the 2leaves Logo is the exclusive expectation. this is a well known to B J P Government and to the Election commission is the truth. 

After this B J P may have alliance with A I A D M K in the up coming elections in Tamil Nadu .but those expected election's will fetch utter failure results ,in fact the present Politician's in the Assembly will loose Deposit shall be the result. 

After Mr.Modi sworn in as Prime minister of India and B J P Government with thumping Majority in both Houses now going  open  its major failures from Tamil Nadu!!!! is my view. B J P government did not paid attention or focused on water problem in Tamil Nadu either it is River Unification or Flood or Drought is in the mindset and talk of people in Tamil nadu. Existing B J P Leaders were not at all serving to the people or service oriented.  Previously B J P told that Dravidian parties will be swiped  but now the same B J P working with A D M K and look forward its alliance is in the people shabby talk.

why because Mr.Rajnikanth with Mr.Kamalhasan going to establish a political party ,in which I believe that both will be supportive to each other and will face the people. This union going to Vanish the Present Politician's shall be the Result. This will be a Strong Lesson to Mr.Narendra Modi and His B J P Government is my belief and view.

In the Up coming election's in Tamil nadu Congress party in tamil nadu will not have alliance with D.M.K. and Congress will contest in all 234 seats. Congress will get a good Number's and that is the "CONGRESS RETURN"S" in Tamil Nadu is my strong recommendation.

In fact Mr.G.K.Vasan lead congress party will get few M.L.A.'s is a bright possibility, why because G.K.Vasan - a Politician with Clean hands and No Corruption's. Good wishes. Press and media encouraging him and his party works in the recent Days is in the vicinity is my view.


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