Thursday, December 14, 2017

Message to Mr.Modi - Exit poll predictions for the recently-concluded elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh show - as per my view and prediction -

Gujarat Exit Polls 2017 Live Updates: Exit poll predictions for the recently-concluded elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh show - as per my view and prediction -

On Date in India Mr.Modi Swing has reached Zero % level in comparison with 2014 General election time. I believe two reasons for this Very big turn and change in Politics of India. 
 This is also a sign of Failure to Mr.Modi Government/Team. Team working with Modi as Minister's not having any Mass on affection on Good working's.
 Mr.Modi need to shuffle the Ministers to see good results in all spheres otherwise ........?.j.k.sundararajan.
Mr.Modi Government and secretaries read the ideas and suggestion's posted in and PMO site were passed to his knowledge is well observed by people like me. But when people like were not been appreciated is painful. in the beginning of Mr.Modi Government appreciation of People and suggestion /ideas was prevailed and well addressed. But now it is not at all in existence.
Poor and people like me in Middle class were totally Disturbed by G S T . Yes, even after reversal of few Percentage of Tax in G S T ,in Practical business People were not at all implemented till date is painful. 
for example Vegetables and Milk were Zero % Tax in GST but today Vegetables on its Highest Price in the Market ? every day in increasing trend? why Government failed to administer this is a surprise and shock to People like me!!!???.
b.another example Few mineral water sellers were selling 20 litre's of at Rupees 15/- before GST.immediately after G S T implemented this 20 litre's water price increased by Rupees 15/- and after subsequent G ST Reduced Tax this water price is still continued to be Rupees 20/- with out changing. In fact these Mineral water is not at all with quality like Team mineral or Biselari etc companies selling ionized mineral water. though we people were exploited in the Mineral water and price is also High. 

like these many matters affecting People in Poor and in Middle Class . These were instrumental in wiping the Mr.Modi swing in India. This will result in these election results also.

In Himachal Pradesh B J P will win and form the Government. 
In Gujarat B J P will obtain 93 to 95 seats only and this will make world to talk on Reduction spell  of Mr.Modi Swing  in India on Date. 

Same time This situation will come to an end and return of Mr.Modi Swing is going to be witnessed by all in the world from June 2018. This will happen 100%.

what is Mr.Modi Swing?

people aggressive  interest in India voted in 2014 General election and it was more than 90% in many Places. on reasons this was happened 
Huge Faith on Mr.Modi(this includes Me at that time in 2014).
People in India frustrated with Congress Government lead by I N C by Mrs.Sonia Gandhi. shown interest to eliminate congress for corruption free clean India . But in reality Roads and streets were cleaned but corruption in Government Offices were still in continuation. 
Future of B J P Government by Mr.Modi!!!!

Mr.Donald J Trump  Government in United States will allow Forces to land at Afghanistan and and on the process of eradication of Terrorism on Earth with few allied Nations going to Raid on Pakistan. This will make people at Pakistan to join Hands for Harmonious relations with Indian Government .That time Mr.Modi Government will help their survival and Terrorism in Asia will be wiped out. 

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