Friday, April 5, 2019

Political Party Manifesto And People Money in Banking not to have disturbed.

Political Party Manifesto And People Money in Banking not to have disturbed.
Yes, sir I wish to congrajulate that Political parties show interest to pay Rs 6000/per month to poor this includes Farmers as Main beneficiaries.
All right. Now I wish to humbly request Our Supreme court of India to Ban all these Benefits from political parties at the cost of Banking by Common Man to Rich,
The Election Manifesto is not a Government order which will be agreed by our Supreme Court of India and Our President of India.
Election Manifesto is from a political Party and it should not be operated at the cost of People Money or Public Money in Banks. yes Poor to Rich have variety of banking accounts. This should be safe and secured.

As soon a party sworn in it should not have ultimate authority on Money in Banks and Reserve Bank as a whole. The Money in banks and controlled by Reserve Bank of India must not allow any Political Party in rule to use Money in Banks in any form of Savings by People.

If a Political Party interested to offer FREE BEES or Payment of Money in Bank accounts must be From the Political Party Fund only ,this must be ordered by President of India and Supreme Court of India. Political Game at the cost of Public Money is not to be permitted,if permitted than National Economy will Ruin automatically.
This is my Humble Request to my Supreme court of India and Reserve Bank of India to add values to Democracy in India.
thanks. j.k.sundararajan.

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