Sunday, September 15, 2019

அமித்ஷாவின் 'இந்தி'யா : சுப.வீ Vs கே.டி.ராகவன் | Sabash Sariyana potti

Mr. Hariharan conducted this debate is meaning less. yes in his Name Ha,Ha used twice which are Sanskrit words. Mr. Su.Pa veera pandian V/s K.T.Raghavan . always media and press say or denote S.P.Veerapandian as Su ba veera pandian Honestly to say This is wrong. As a Tamil Lecturer with vast Knowledge in Tamil language but hesitate to do dedicated service for the development of Tamil Language is the painful issue here. Mr.Veera pandian professor must try to come forward to develop and promote the language Tamil. I wish to salute to his knowledge since he was a lecturer (virivuraiyalar) for Tamil in my collegiate education. here I wish to inform that we students happened to had the Grand son of V.O.Chidambaram (kappal otiya tamilan) as Asst Professor for Tamil ,a Gold Medalist in Tamil Literature. Here I wish to put forward my humble request that is Let Mr.Su.Pa.Veera pandian to take a task to gather a Tamil scholars with profound knowledge and to find or design varivadivum letters missing for sounds in Tamil. why I said su. Pa. in stead of su ba ? we have only one varivadidvum letter for pa (I_I). this letter is spelled with four sounds as per required and in practice in Talking. Pa paa Fa Ba are the four sounds in use but with only varivadivam letter "Pa" . Pandian,Bond,Fatima ,Boeing)for four sounds in speech as practice but we must work to find out the missing Varivadivum letters or arrange design ,this is a must to strengthen Tamil language,Mr.S.P.Veera pandian to understand this need and may help and support Tamil language to rejuvenate or correction for the betterment of generations to come in Tamil Nadu to speak and write Tamil language. with out these requirement filled people like Mr. s.P.veera pandian ,Mr. Hariharan and others doing debate's for language is meaningless is my humble view.Mr.K.T.Raghavan is a young man and need to go a long journey in politics. In short span of time he can not be a position holder in B J P.
for debate not to talk what ever they have in records. only to the point. i mention this because the schools teaching Hindi is right from Late Mr. Karunanidhi,is a known fact. People in Tamil Nadu must get open their eyes and act accordingly towards their well being and not to participate in any protest or confusions. people must come forward to have politicians who were well educated with required Training's passed from Parliament which may arrange to form a Academy specially for this.(example U P S C). just because a person can do all crimes and can become politician is the existing concept must be vanished. This is applicable from Prime Minister ,President and Ministers in parliament and state assemblies.) let us expect this to happen in our time. good wishes.

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