Monday, January 6, 2020

Press and media not to compare Mr. Rajnikanth with any other person, why i say this because

9.1.2019 Super star in Darbar release.Now actor  Vijay acted films  in Top in collection is a foolish Advertisement in T V Channels

so Actor vijay  acted films would have paid huge tax revenue to Government could be a truth. we will appreciate if that happened. 

also to say No one challenge Mr. Rajnikanth why because he is on beyond Compare status. world cinema agreed this. 

In many countries Rajnikanth in Movies run successfully is a miracle. 

at this time I would like to recall my memory. that was late Mr.M.G.R. was had fear on the Growth of Mr.Nagesh and Rajnikanth of that time

Both Late Mr.M.G.R. and late Mr.Shivaji Ganesan entered a agreement with Mr.Nagesh by which provided a Comedy Track to Mr.Nagesh in all Films they acted. (Whether it is necessary  or not This was maintained why because Late Mr.Nagesh acted Films as Hero were super Hit and silver jubilee. this was a well known history to many Cinema giants in the Industry

similarly Late Mr.M.G.R. was stumbled on watching the Growth of Mr. Rajnikanth. even small and born children on 18 months  mind set were filled by Mr. Rajnikanth is the truth known to all in the industry. such a fascination God issued to Rajnikanth. 

so Rajnikanth was disturbed artificially to slide down his growth. But Late Mr.K.Balachandar  made humble appeal and information processed as a promise to Late Mr.M.G.R. that Mr. Rajnikanth will not generate any disturbance in Politics and allow him to continue his Action profession in the Industry. Late Mr.M.G.R.agreed and accepted this promise of Late. Mr. Balachandar a well director of that time  is well known message to all present in the industry of that time. 

so Press and media not to compare Mr. Rajnikanth with any other person, why i say this because When I say A is Good than it does not mean B is better and C is Bad etc. A is Good is a completed statement I made. Thanks. j.k.sundararajan.

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