Monday, September 28, 2015

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 Top 10 quotes of Narendra Modi at San Jose - why Mr.Narendra Modi stopped that Promoting People participating service  in by BJP? is a surprise to me!!!!!.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the Indian diaspora in San Jose, California's SAP Centre.

In My View it  was not like Madison square gathering or Function!!!. all right.


1.      Today in the entire world India has a new identity, a new image. The old image has been forced down, and there is a reason.
2.      Who brought this change? This change was not by brought by any Modi, but by the 125 crore Indians
3.      We would hear- we need to stop this brain drain. But India is Bahuratna Vasundhara, there will be many brains there.
4.      It is often asked, who does the 21st century belong to. Everyone agrees its Asia's. For the first time they don't say that but say its India's.
5.      India is only nation which succeeded in its 'Mars orbiter mission' in just one attempt,look at commitment and capability of nation.
6.      'J' stands for Jandhan account, 'A' stands for 'Adhaar card' and 'M' stands for 'Mobile governance'.
7.      Terror and global warming are two pressing issues the world faces. We need to mitigate these two menaces.
8.      We cannot protect humanity by saying 'good terrorism' 'bad terrorism'.
9.      E-Governance is easy, effective and economical governance.
10.  A direct flight between Delhi and San Francisco three times a week.

My View:-J.K.Sundararajan -

'J' 'A' 'M' - this wording talk is not right why because 'J','A','M' are separate matters to dealt with while analyzing its benefits in India. 

I Hope this JAM does not mean , IS ON jam.either blocked in jam and could not work temporarily or food item eating with bread. 

Jandhan is the best scheme which pulled all People  living in all areas and environment's towards learning and working with Banking. This is very good by Mr. Modi.
while Talking about Aadhar and Mobile Governance ,I wish to say that these were not allowed properly to function is the right message from my point. 
Aadhar Card merging with Voter Id Card was also stopped temporarily ,why? 

spending for "Population Number Account" on Every Term can be avoided. This also an expense from Revenue received from People.



Police ,Army,Navy,Air force are to be termed as 2 wings of Defense in a Nation is  Must.

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