Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope Francis FULL SPEECH to US Congress:24.9.2015

"Pope Francis said ,that he is a son of the continent,It is wrong my humble request to Pope Francis is ,He must ,Please ,to say that He is a son of the Earth! "

While Pope Addressing congress Today ,America and and Congress senate Proved once again that America is a Land Mark for Professionalism and American's are first in Line in exhibiting the Respects to Elders  by standing Position when Pope said many Valuable words on How  Human Relation's to be?.

Pope Francis Repeatedly remembered and respected the streamline well designed from the beginning in Administration by Mr.Abraham Lincoln 


Repeatedly respected the ethics in the Principles Designed by Mr.Martin Luther King.

These are extremely great.

Also Pope requested People on earth must give ways and means in help and support to immigrants.

Few days back Europe Union granted this Favour to Immigrants from Syria and others and Europe Union confirmed once again that Humanity not Exhausted on the Earth.Thanks to  Mrs.Markel - German Chancellor.

Today Pope posted the same Human Values in American Congress by telling that immigrants has to be rendered Help and support for survival. This is great from Pope and we people on Earth are Ready to be with Pope on this Principle.  

similarly Pope said ,"Death Punishment " Has to be eradicated from Judgment. As a Human Being I strongly recommend this to Supreme court's in all Nation to arrange to Grace this with suitable Legal amendment's.Please. This is a Must why because we say that we are not savage's.

I wish to say that America and Congress had First Luck to have this Delightful and graced Morning with a great speech delivered by Pope Francis. Thanks to BBC world/ for this Live Telecast. Once again Putting the News First is proved!!!!.

My Regards to Mr.Pope Francis.

with love, .Good Luck to Human world.

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