Monday, September 28, 2015

Respected United Nations and Mr.Bankimoon secretary General - my Humble view and request to your good office!

Respected United Nations and Mr.Bankimoon secretary General - my Humble view and request to your good office!

India is with high values on Humane and Living with cultural heritages which has been endorsed by all Nation in different important time's. 

In Sri Lanka where Tamil Language speaking People were killed and termed as "Genocide".

Before to this LTTE was a Group handled many actions for Tamil Freedom  on following Violent actions.  

we all Know that few years back  LTTE Leader Mr.Prabakharan was killed in a war in Sri Lanka .

But at the same time Prabakharan son was in Young age was also brutally Killed was identified and People across the world shed tears on humanity but definitely not on any type attachment on LTTE is also True.

 Mrs.Navaneetham Pillai represented a Team from U N O to Sri Lanka and investigated the massacres and confirmed the Genocide was well known to our World.

Here As a Indian and Human I wish to say few words. When Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi Ex-Prime Minister of India sent IPKF that was Indian Peace Keeping Force to Sri Lanka to Help and support Both Tamil Speaking People Front's,Teams, and Sri Lankan Government.
Due to some unknown reason one among the Tamil Speaking people (LTTE)  killed an Young and Dynamic Prime Minister of India Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi on Indian Soil Brutally killed was well KNown to all on the Earth
still few criminals caught on the incident and investigation  were in Indian Prison's.
But, at all course of action's India and its Politician's could not trace or identify the location of Revolutionary and violent  LTTE  Leader or its people is also known to people on earth. 

Sri Lankan Government was also did not asked India to help to catch LTTE Leader Prabakharan or the whole group is also a truth.

Norway, a country in the world instituted "Peace Award "which sent few group of people to dialogue with LTTE and with its Leader ,and their by/ from that  Sri Lankan Government enabled itself to identifying  the secret Hided  places of  LTTE And its Leader Prabakharan and at last Killed him was a well known Truth

Above to this, after Peace Negotiating Team of Norway failed to establish Peace pact between Sri Lankan Government by Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse and LTTE. But These Peace Negotiations which helped Sri Lankan Government to collapse the LTTE completely along with its Leader killed was a known truth in the History.
But on this attempt Many innocent Tamil Language speaking People were killed by the army of Sri Lanka on the order issued by Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse Government.

In This a surprising was Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse who did tour in the recent Election as an Ordinary Citizen or Ex President of Sri Lanka. But Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse did not had any type of trouble in that Political Tour recently held was well witnessed by people on the Earth. so This Confirmed that People in the Name of LTTE  a Revolutionary group with Violent actions was wiped out completely in Sri Lanka in surviving  innocent Tamil (Children)People . If the remaining surviving Tamil Speaking People are not innocent than by this time in that election Tour Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse life would faced a risk is also a Normal Human thought.

So I Humbly Request UNO and its General Secretary to arrange a Team or forum from International Court of Justice at Hague  to Handle this Genocide issue. That will only can offer right Justice for the issue. 

I Strongly object the arrangement of United States  and its President Mr.Barack Obama in this issue/Regard!
As told by Mr.Pope Francis in United States Congress few days Back, this Genocide issue must be handled on Humane Principles

I Hope U N O and International Court of Justice will agree and accept my Humble Human appeal.


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