Thursday, November 19, 2015 -Values of Mrs.Indira Gandhi to Zero Level was also a well known fact and matter to all people in the world

Birth Anniversary Of Indira Gandhi Celebrated and Mr.Modi attended the function to paid respects .

My Humble rquest to Mr.Modi and to all Indian's , we must celebrate not only the Birth Anniversary of Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru and Mrs.Indira Priya Darshini   but it is a must to celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Mr.Morarji Desai ,Mr.Lal Bahadur Sasthri And Attal Bihari Vajpayee with the same responsibility and Respects in India.

If Necessary we Indian can request Mr.Subramaniyam (recently BJP and only one man of Janata Party)Swamy to recommend this with this suitable words about Late .Mr.Morarji desai -ex prime Minister of India.

late Mr.Morarji Desai with a stunning success story after Mrs. Indira Gandhi Government in 1977 took the Prime Minister Office as Prime Minister of India.

He was the only Prime Minister who thought about Poor and Middle class Indians so that he brought Janata Meal for one Rupee was a revolution in the world. Late Mr.Morrarji desai was the Prime Minister who brought the Huge Slash in Gold Selling Price and made all people could buy gold. drastic price slash  per soverign brought down was very great to be remembered by all Indian's.

above to these He was a member in Congress and participated meetings in Ananda Bhavan but suddenly frustrated with the Emergency act of Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi and brought down the Values of Mrs.Indira Gandhi to Zero Level was also a well known fact and matter to all people in the world,this includes Indians.

She was great for the development of science and technology in one hand and on the other hand Late Mrs.Indira Priya darshini also called as Indira Gandhi was the Only authority who killed the entire Values of Democracy by the act of Emergency Declared and proved she ws interested in Hipocracy.
This was also a well fact to the world.

So My Humble requet to Prime Minister Mr.Modi ,BJP and to arrange accordingly to celebrate  Birth Anniversaries of All Prime Minister's ruled India till Date is a Must is my Strong Belief and recommendations.

I Hope Mr.Modi will agree and will accept this Humble request by a Indian will add values to Democracy in India. Thanks.
In Case if is not agreeing this than I will say loudly to the world that Mr.Modi is a Indira Congress Party Man and not a person of B J P.
Since B J P respects Values of Democracy this party keeps "Janata " = People in the middle letter of logo BJP. once again thanks.People expect that BJP will work always for "Janata"!!!!!!!!!???????..........

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