Monday, November 23, 2015

Why Prostitution takes place or Happens in India?after Independence in India Government or Social Groups Could not able to bring any solution to Put an end to .....

 Bihar Election -well handled by Mr.Mulayam singh Yadav and Lalu Prasad Yadav. Person from Islam community at U.P. has ben killed .also to note that Mr.Lalu and Mr.Mulayam singh are in very good under standing ,is a bright Possibility. So the Religious problem might have been created and generated by Samajwadi party would have resulted the failure to B J P at Bihar is the truth.

This Cow Mutton eating and Beef mutton stall exists in India in Many areas in all states over many decades. Killing Cow for Mutton was started condemning by Hindus over many decades ago. Government of India also Passed a law regarding this issue are History. In Particular Mr. Acharya Vinoba Bhave who initiated in this issue and went on Hunger strike against Government of India and Died on that strike. Many great man followed Mr.Vinoba Bhave. This Hunger strike Generated a pressure and Generated a Law by Government of India. so Now raising the issue by any Groups in India is Meaningless and not necessary. Off course in People eating style or food style Political intervention is a Unacceptable and Unagreeable and it is against Human Values in democracy

Over 68 years after Independence in India Government or Social Groups Could not able to bring any solution to Put an end to Prostitution in any part of India. 
Why Prostitution takes place or Happens in India? Just because to get meal or food and certainley not for any comforts or because of interest in sex has to be realized by all Politician's in India First and than Indians. Government to arrest Prostitution arresting the Women involving in this act and in Most of the cases says or reveals that those women were further collopsed by people to provide security to them. So Government of India as by Mr.Modi in BJP team must work to eliminate this engagement in Prostitution and they must be provided some sort of Social security by deploying in Jobs which are not knowledge based. Their by they must be asked to take their Revenue to run their life must be made a Stiff Policy by BJP Government to 
enhace the values of Hinduism in the Human world.

Similar to this many more Social acts has to be attended on priority by Government in all State's as well as Union Government in India and Social Groups,UNO,across the world. 

Please Note ,Now huge Rain shelling took place in tamil nadu. 

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