Tuesday, December 27, 2016

(27/12/2016) Kelvikkenna Bathil | Exclusive Interview with Former Financ...

No protests across India on this valuable action by Mr.modi being well accepted by Mr.Hariharan is an observation by people.

In this question Hour Answers by Mr.P.Chidambaram replied with Facts and figures, But People in India anticipated to ask a question through this question hour. That is Why as a Congress Party man still wish to continue to agree the family people of Late Mr.Jawahar lal Nehru as his party Leader along with other fans of the Family.

I Believe Mr.P.chidambaram will not deny to agree that Late Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru was not the only leader survived after Independence War or after Independence from 15th August 1947.
Thanks. many good developments we found in the Demonetizations announced from 8th November 2016. why No Questions or answers /comments in this Program both by Mr.Hariharan and Mr.P.chidambaram is painful. j.k.sundararajan http://getpaidout.blogspot.in.

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