Wednesday, December 28, 2016

sanctity and Great Values of I A S Gone/reduced today

Senior I A S Officer conveys to Media that He has been Trained by Madam,(Here Madam representing Selvi J.Jayalalithaa). In All these years and days in my knowledge i had was I A S  Officers are well Educated samaritans and Knowledge in Admin and well Trained by U.P.S.C./ union Government. so That They were reaching up to a designation of Cabinet Secretary Rank. But Today with the message conveyed by a senior I A S Officer in Home secretary Rank from tamil Nadu is shocking and surprising to all. In Fact I feel it is a shameful comment.  a person with 8th std schooling and private education to write,speak,read English and training in Politics by great leaders shall not be in a position to train a I A S Officer is my humble view.  

why because Politician's are people leader and I A S ,I P S ,I F S are all Governing Leaders from or by Union Government of India.  sanctity and Great Values of I A S Gone/reduced today.

Some time this type of message conveying may also will Happens was the record now.

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