Saturday, March 9, 2019

SAVE Family and Money for this STOP WATCHING T V CHANNELS of SUN Network, Jaya Network, ZEE Network ,Vijay TV Network Etc

SAVE Family and Money for this STOP WATCHING T V  CHANNELS  of  SUN Network, Jaya Network, ZEE Network ,Vijay TV Network Etc. We people in our area started Gentle man's Association Care on Family Welfare . Direct to Home via Dish by Tata sky,Reliance,Sun Direct,Videocon, Airtel etc providing Channels Relay on New set up from 1.3.2019. This is a very good opportunity for we Gentle man heading Families to exhibit our special care on our Family members. yes,this is true.  so that in this Gentleman's association is the unit of only Gentleman as family head exclusively . 
we called people attention and asked to assemble along with their Touch phone with the App of the Direct to Home connected Dish Network . Meting started with a Good morning to all. than assembled people are all asked open the Dish net work App,than Login after Logged open the services. their they found channels list with prescribed charges. as per request in the meeting all assembled Gentle man were tick marked/selected channels with Zero Rupee payment. It is more than 200 channels. in That many News Channels like Puthiya Thalaimurai,Polimer News,  thanthi Tv, Malaimurasu news,News7 etc .  Since Big networks like Sun,Jaya,ZEE,Vijay etc were charging huge amount and on that we people thought that this is the reason we could skip this channels Network. by skipping the above mentioned network's, our Family and family people were saved from SERIALS ADDICTION. Exam going on but to watch a serial students skipping studies and watching serials which spoils their future. and wife serving food to husband but in between to watch serial skipping serving food were banned now. Since this channels Network charged huge amount ,these network may be from very very poor segment or might be in Poverty,though they receive huge Amount on every month from Advertisement's. so we people decided to retire from watching these channels and we stopped these channels while selection. so we people in Chennai at Tamil Nadu skipping the charging or payment channels we saved our Money and Stopped watching serials also Saved our Family and children. Hope you people in India will do the same by following our decision
Thanks to all Indians .People to join hands in this revolution to strengthen India and Indian generations. Hope you will admire and join in this Idea application in your Dish TV Connection  . thanks.

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