Friday, November 25, 2016

a clear cut direction issued by finance Ministry on 2.50 lakh and more Deposit in a Bank account of an account Holder!!!?.

PM Modi attends a book release function on the occasion of Constitution Day in New Delhi!

PM raised voice on Old Currencies Rs.500,1000 - Ban!!
In connection to this Parliament Members in Opposition become louder and Houses adjourned.

In this issue my View:

Yesterday a clear cut direction issued by finance Ministry on 2.50 lakh and more Deposit in a Bank account of an account Holder!!!?.
In earlier announcement the declaration was 2.50 lakh and more deposit in an account is subject to prove the income otherwise it will fetch penalty of 200% of 2.50 lakhs and more  and income tax on 2.50 lakh will be levied.
the present announcement:

Any one can do Deposit of 2.50 lakhs and more in an account in a bank,
and on that Deposit amount 60% will be taken in to the account of income tax by Government and remaining 40% will be paid back against that Deposit to the account Holder. 
what is the shock and surprise here in this message!!!?

Till Yesterday that is 24th November 2016 (till the end of working hours of Banks )Black Money Holders were not Deposited their Black money was the 100% shocking News to the world and to People of India.

Also ,people Talk in India says , to arrive this 60% permission or sanction from Union Government Finance Ministry all the agitations and protests were happened in India and not for the sake of poor and Middle class people suffering was the shocking truth.!!!!

Now all protests will come to an end .

Bank's will also get Deposits of any Amount from all account Holders who were all need to deposit 2.50 Lakh or More and will follow the Finance Ministry Instructions received through Reserve Bank of India

In My View. People Like Mr.Subramaniyam swamy to react on this after 31st December 2016. by using Right to know act  an application to Reserve Bank of India and to the concerned in Finance Ministry to release the Deposits of amount More than 2.50 lakhs and Huge amounts listed in detail pertaining Name and address in Business and Home of Account Holders to Press and Media for the sake of Knowledge to the People of India and to the world.

by the above said act many will be forced by their self decision to change their profession immediately to settle down. 

thanks j.k.sundararajan.,

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  1. In India we need many more I T Raid's, in Particular for example in Tamil Nadu Budget deficit of more than 4 lakhs crores ,but if raided Politician's than this deficit can be caught and brought in to the Kitty/treasury. this is the only way to make the politician's Mind set to change. yes if they opt to become politician than if elected they were getting salary in Lakhs and emoluments in Nut shell in crores. but they leave behind their duty to serve people and forget people well being services they need to do!!!,they jump in to Business ventures or business partnership and make/mint huge Money in crores and crores with out paying Income Tax to Government. Most of that were Binami Operation's, so B J P government to curb and curtail and eradicate this Binami assets. Please make Registration departments to call the attention of people to add their Aadhar Card Number in their Assets( Both Mobile and immobile assets) with in this financial year term. this will certainly avoid Binami. also in Gold Transactions. still Tax exploitation is still in Practice. In Gold Jewel shops still they do continue business with out Billing even after G S T. like this I have suggested many ideas at, and in the message box at of My beloved Mr.Narendra Modiji. Many ideas got implemented. this includes eradication of Duplicate retaion cards etc. No awards to me is still a painful feeling to me. thanks. sundararajan. when ever i wrote my messages in my beloved Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modiji page message Box existed and the same posts were posted in My Blogs before to that . This has been done that my blogs and views ,idea's suggestions will be well appreciated by P.M.Mr.Modiji and by Your Good Heart. But till date this has not happen. my bad luck. thanks.