Wednesday, November 16, 2016

an All Indian Prosperity Move!!!. by Narendra Modi !!

an All Indian Prosperity Move!!!. by Narendra Modi !!

on 31st December 2016 Prime Minister of indiaMr.Modi may likely to announce the Deposit of Rs.15000/=  to 15 Lakhs  in to all Bank account's of Indians in india!!!!! as per the availability of unaccounted Black Money  as on 31st December 2016 is my view!

As Mr.Modi of BJP committed to deposit Rs.15 Lakhs in to all Bank Accounts existing in India as a conversion of Blocked Black Money in to white as an All Indian Prosperity Move!!!.

Yes,  89% of Rs500,Rs1000 Currencies circulated in India is the Data. Now due to the announcement declared said that Rs.500,1000 old currencies (used up to 8th November 2016 midnight 12 'O' Clock ) People in India turned to Banks to Deposit and to exchange old currencies of Rs.500,1000 they have. Now this deposits and exchange of money and usage of old currencies Rs500 ,1000 at BSNL,Hospitals,Medical shops,Corporation Tax,Water Tax,Railway Ticket booking etc will produce and declare a Total amount and Percentage from this Black Money curbing /removing action in India by Prime Minister Mr.Modi
This arrived percentage of Money shall be lesser than 89% of Total old currencies Rs500,1000 circulated ,even can not be equal why because Blocked black money can not be deposited in this right royal approach. 

so ,now in this  very big/huge attempt to eradicate Black Money ,the difference or remaining percentage of Old currencies not transacted up to 30th December 2016 will declare the exact value of Money Blocked from fund flow
so Government of India by Mr.Modi and Team of M.P's ,now will react on this value and may share the same money to all Bank account Holders in India ,and that may be Rupees 15,000/= or Rupees 15Lakhs. This could be a possibility from Money blocked from 89% circulated Old currencies in Rs500,1000 denominations

And this could be a very big surprise to all Indians ,as a very big Notorious Glad Move on 31st December 20116 by B J P Government in rule by Mr.Modi on date!!!!.

Thanks for reading this post by all in the world. j.k.sundararajan.

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