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Both A.I.A.D.M.K. and D.M.K. were not showing interest at 18 constituencies of Chennai.

Both A.I.A.D.M.K. and D.M.K. were not showing interest at 18 constituencies of Chennai. 

Political parties in Tamil Nadu did not show interest in Chennai for the 16th May Election for Next Tamil Nadu State Assembly.

People at Chennai city were not given care and treated as orphans when they were floating  on flood on 2nd December 2015.
Politicians were owners of Television Media in which Not even courtesy slides showing Grief for the flood affected was made People at chennai to take a concrete stand in a thought saying that People in Chennai Metro will not Vote to the Ruled Parties. This was the reason why Politician's of political parties were not shown interest on 18 constituencies of Chennai.
In My View Both the ruled and Ruling A.I.A.D.M.K. and D.M.K. Parties will not Get Success in All 18 seats of Chennai.
Most Popular leaders will face Defeat in this 16th May 2016 Election will be a Wonder going to be witnessed by the world of Politics.

D.M.K. already last 54 seats in 234. in that Congress  will face Deposit loss in all 41 seats is an assured result. so D.M.K. contesting only in 180 seats in 234.

Actually Mr.E.V.K.S.Elangovan Father Late Mr.E.V.K.Sampath ,Sister son to E.V.Ramaswamy -leader of D.K. was the First President of D.M.K.  Mr.Rajagopalachari Iyyengar also popularly known as Mr.Rajaji was the Main tool and Brain and Instituted these Political parties ,D.K. - on the Leadership of Late Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy ,D.M.K. - under the leadership of his sister son E.V.K.Sampath .  Late Mr.E.V.K.Sampath was admitted in G.H. and than treated at Up Country and brought back as Dead to Tamil Nadu.(Like Ulagam suttrum Valliban Movie he might have been killed at Hospital treatment in up country is also a prevailing talk in people).
For Many Decades after the death of Late Mr.E.V.K.Sampath Mrs.Sulochana Sampath was a politician and Leader in A.I.A.D.M.K. 

Late Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy - leader identified by Mr.Rajaji and he established D.K. a social reformation Party. This party gained a huge fund from Russia from a visit to Russia (on a invitation from Communist party of Russia) by Late Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy and Team of D.K. The fund being issued by the then communist party of Russia to promote communist party in tamil Nadu was also a news prevails in People Talk even today in Tamil Nadu.

Now E.V.K.S.Elangovan as Congress leader with 41 seats share in 234 from D.M.K.  he is doing a role for D.M.K. like his Father. in Ultimate As the Son of Ex D.M.K. Party First President Late Mr.E.V.K.Sampath Instituted and identified by late Mr.Rajagopachari, so Mr.E.V.K.S.Elangovan  may Claim ( a Right Claim) to become D.M.K. Party President in a Near Future is also an 100% Possibility. Off course Congress will Loose deposit in all 41 seats in 16th May 2016 election for Next Tamil Nadu State Assembly.

Later Mr.Rajaji  identified Mr.C.N.Anna Durai Due to  Mr.E.V.K.Sampath sudden death . Late Mr.C.N.AnnaDurai was completely against Liquor sale in Tamil Nadu and as soon he took office of Tamil Nadu Governance he did not accepted and agreed the suggestions to have liquor sales in Tamil Nadu , why because Late Mr.C.N.Anna Durai was a Literate or well educated as Chief Minister  of Tamil Nadu was the Truth. 

Late Mr.C.N.Anna Durai did not had good terms or Friendship with Late Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy was also a well Known Fact/News to all of that time in Politics of Tamil Nadu.  on a Later date after few years Only Late Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy visited Late Mr.C.N.Annadurai and conveyed his sorrow for loosing his friendship was also a truth.   Late Mr.C.N.Annadurai was a Only straight forward and Honest Politician of Tamil Nadu from D.M.K. was a well known truth to our World.

Late Mr.C.N.Anna Durai had Both Mr.M.G.R. and Mr.Karunanidhi in D.M.K. and respected them as his Right and Left Hand and had them in all Political Meetings also. 

It was advised by Doctors not to take Late Mr.C.N.Annadurai who was under Chemotherapy  for Cancer ,(a difficult treatment in those days) (Chemotherapy was not a easy treatment as it prevails today ,the patched /treated not to be exhibited in Hot summer)to Propaganda work on Hot summer in 1967 Election in Tamil Nadu. But it is unfortunate that Late Mr.C.N.Annadurai was forced by popular politician's of D.M.K.  of those days to attend the propaganda work in 1967 election was also a well known matter to many aged good persons , related ,well known of Late Mr.Rajagopalachari (in particular this was known to  many aged people  at Thirunelveli District even today). In My View Late Mr.C.N.Anna Durai Death was also to be termed as a Killing because of that Propaganda work he was forced to attend.

Except Late Mr.C.N.Annadurai -ex-chief Minister of Tamil Nadu  all other Chief Minister's who held Chief Minister Office were Illiterates or Uneducated is also a painful Truth. so that they could not able to give a clean Governance in Tamil Nadu

Late Mr. Marudoor Gopalan Ramachandran also popularly known as M.G.R was also identified by Mr.Rajagopalachari was also a truth. M.G.R. was a popular Tamil actor ,off course he did few Good deeds as a Politician but M.G.R.Instituted Alcohol Industries and sales through Many Binami operation's was also a well Known news to People. Now those Binami's were Crorepathi's ,Educationalist's and Popular politician's.

A.I.A.D.M.K. Government after Late Mr.M.G.R. in Tamil Nadu might have found difficulties to collect funds for Elections and for people Welfare measures to Government from These well Known Binami's of Late Mr.M.G.R. ,so Government decided to do  Direct sales of Alcohol to People by shops got huge turn over and Profit's at the cost of many widow's . But Government do not have any manufacturing Alcohol Industries , so Major amount of Profit enjoyed by Private owned Alcohol Industries was the Truth. so In My view Government Move to sell Alcohol by Government of Tamil Nadu is nor a right Measure and Government stumble in Administration.

In this, a Painful matter was ,in the above mentioned Political leaders ,did not paid respects ,no one garlanded Mr.Rajagopachari statue or Photo even on his birth Day in December till date . but with out fail Respects shown to the statue of Late Mr.E.V.Ramaswamy,Late Mr.Kamaraj,Late Mr.C.N.Anna Durai by all the above . This may be because Mr.Rajagopachari was an Iyyengar from Brahmin community.

But , we People of Tamil Nadu ,Now,realising the Mistake Done by Mr.Rajagopachari also popularly known as Mr.Rajaji. who initiated and instituted Dravidian Political parties which spoiled about 5 Decades of our Generations and their Living /survival.!!!!!.

Please to Note that  Late Mr.C.N.Anna Durai was the Only Chief Minister of D.M.K. operated Corruption Free office in the History of Politics of Tamil Nadu in India.  

similarly A.I.A.D.M.K. last 18 seats of chennai and Villupuram district seats/constituencies is an assured result. Also the present Ministers who contest will face defeat is an assured Result. Farmers were talking against A.I.A.D.M.K. .
In Chennai People were having good awareness about Political parties and their intention to occupy the Chief Minister Chair from 16th May 2016 election. But it is unfortunate that Many famous and aged and most popular and held Ministerial office were going to face the Huge defeat. This is in Strong motive in people Mind and thought.
At Delhi when Farmers were Disturbed by Nature that is Draught ,immediately Mr Arvind Kejriwal ,Chief Minister of Delhi paid Rupees 50,000/- to each Farmer against their Ration Card. This authentic message is available in Records

Political parties and the ruling A.I.A.D.M.K. did not announced any such appropriate amount like Rupees up to 50,000 to each Ration card for the flood affected. This is a Must. 
because , Government of India and State Government's can wipe out (wiped out about Rs.5000 crores of Farmer's Loan ) all type of Loans of Farmer's ,Student's and small and tiny Industries Business People is the situation in Record

In such a situation the Government's must come forward to give care on People in Living when their Home and assets were wiped out by  Flood.As a remedy Government Must pay compensation for this Disaster from Flood in tamil Nadu at December 2015

B J P  Government as Union Government  paid 9,000 Crores and state government allotted Rupees 500 Crores and Good Hearted merciful people  Donated more than 500 Crores (as per Media) to State Government for Relief Measures . But State Government paid Rupees 5,000 only to each Flood affected House. This comes about Rupees 14 lakhs affected Houses x Rs.5000  = 700 Crores Only.

why we demand More relief Fund from Government? Government Failed to give the right care by measures to avoid flood. 

Political Parties were not committing on this in their Manifesto!!!. so they will not get Vote in Chennai and Villupuram District in Particular.(cuddallore).

What happened to the remaining Fund in that Exclusive relief Fund for Flood affected.
Milk Price and Electricity consumption charges were drastically Hiked by the Present A.I.A.D.M.K. Government and at the same time Monthly Income of Families did not increased to a level to meet out the expenses raising out of the above mentioned Hikes

on This Hiked prices People looking for reversal to Old status and not the Partly Reduction.

D.M.D.K.,MakkalNalaKuttani ,and T M C were in one front, and Mr.Vijayakanth as a chief Minister Candidate announced that the Hiked Price of Milk and Electricity will be brought back to the status of its on 2010 or Price ruling Earlier to the present A.I.A.D.M.K. Government sworn in .
So People in Tamil Nadu (in particular Bread winners )in Particular at Chennai and Villupuram Districts have interest in their mind and thought to Vote to this Vijayakanth Leadership
with The present trend in Politics and Election, People in tamil Nadu  have interest to have P.M.K. as Opposition party in the next state Assembly.

B J P will get Very good Numbers in 234 with out fail. so after the election result on 19th B.J.P. will Form the Government.

Both A.I.A.D.M.K. and D.M.K. will get 15% votes as their share in Total and 85% of votes were to be shared by other political parties could be the 19th Result from the 16th May Election for the Next Tamil Nadu State Assembly .!!!!!!!!!!!
Present Government Machinery did not arranged or attended to start any work to strengthen the Banks of Any Lakes or Rivers (Koovam River) on war footings till Date immediately after December 2015  in Tamil Nadu will definitely shatter the Dreams of Political Parties on 19th Result from 16th May Election in Tamil Nadu could be a long lasting lesson to Politician's of Ruled and Ruling in India.

Politician's did not announced the closure of Alcohol Industries  on 1st May 2016 as a First step to make their commitment to Ban Alcohol sales even a Drop immediately after their Party Government sworn in!!!!!  I Expected this from the ruling Government ,why because ruling government said step by step Alcohol sale will be brought to a complete closure,so closure of Alcohol Industries belong to the Governing party people on 1st May 2016would have been announced!. So Politician's and Political parties will try to use Next 5Years for Discussions to find out the feasibility of Alcohol sales in tamil Nadu is my View????????!!!!!!!!!!!.

So Once again People in Tamil Nadu will be exploited on this "Ban of Alcohol Sale" in tamil Nadu from 20th May 2016?????!!!!!!!!!.
Tamil Nadu declared as Intellectual Part of India by the world,so ,once again this will be proved in the Upcoming Tamil Nadu State Assembly Election Results on 19th may 2016. Observer's across the world please witness this great Result.

Good Luck and Good wishes to People in Tamil Nadu in 234 Constituencies to Elect Good Politician in their constituency   to have our great and good governance by 100% Voters to 100% Voting will be a world Guinness Record. This is in our Hands. Make it Possible is my Humble Request to People in Tamil Nadu


with Love J.K.Sundararajan.

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